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Feeding Culture: The Pleasures and Perils of Appetite


Wojciech Kalaga and Tadeusz Rachwal

There is no sapient question: to eat or not to eat? Eating comes before culture, but with culture it becomes more than just eating. It is with the purpose of exploring the relation between culture and consuming food – a relation far more complex than it might seem at first sight – that this book has been intended. In this sense, the book inscribes itself within that trend in cultural studies whose main objectives include the defamiliarization of the commonplace. While its subject matter is quite specific, the range of particular issues – apart from theoretical ones – involves different geo-cultural areas and different temporal environments: from Sri Lanka via Europe to South America, and from ancient Rome via medieval times to contemporary England. Likewise, the cultural realms in which food and eating appear as significant and meaningful components of reality range from fiction to practices of everyday life, from gender identity to eroticism, from economy to epistemology.
Contents: Tadeusz Rachwał : Food and Labour. Eating Epistemology– Liliana Barakońska: Of Foods and Books – David Schauffler: The Dialectic of Gluttony, or The Empty Stomach of Insatiable Reason – Tomasz Kalaga: Food for Thought: A Textual Feast – Leszek Drong: Flesh Made Spirit(s): Tips on How to Liquidate Oneself – Johan van Wyk: Spirits and the Discourse of Reason – Bradley Kadel: The Pub and the Irish Nation – Katarzyna Ancuta: Meat Hooks, Chain Saws and the Meataphysics of Horror – John Watters: The Manners of Mass Murder: Eating Fear – Carmen Concilio: Tran Anh Hung’s L’odeur de la papaye verte and Romesh Gunesekera’s Reef: Two Stories of Emancipation Through the Art of Cooking Between Vietnam and Sri Lanka – John Simons: Vegetarianism and Citizenship: Some Thoughts on Britain Today – Aleksandra Podgórniak: Capirotada vs. Chicken Curry: Versions of Alchemical Realism in Ethnic American Fiction – Jacek Mydla: The Meat, the Sauce, the Ceremony: Macbeth’s Film Adaptations and Symbolic Metabolism – Rafał Borysławski: Sex, Food and Magic: Digestion and Fertility in the Exeter Book Riddles – Alice Weinreb: Taste No Evil: The Dangers of the Mouth In Ancient Rome.