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Heriger of Lobbes and the Freising Florilegium

A Study of the Influence of Classical Latin Poetry in the Middle Ages


The Freising Florilegium is a collection of excerpts from Persius, Juvenal, Lucan, Claudian, Tibullus, Martial and Horace preserved in an eleventh-century manuscript from Freising, today CLM 6292 in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Munich. This florilegium is studied to determine where, when and for what purpose it was compiled. A complete edition is followed by a discussion of the place of the excerpts in the transmission of each of the works. The collection appears to be related to a florilegium compiled and used by Abbot Heriger of Lobbes.
Contents: Edition of the excerpts - Study of textual variants - Heri- ger of Lobbes' Vita Remacli - The Purpose and Use of the florilegium.