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New Forms of Work Organisation and Industrial Relations in Southern Europe


Francesco Garibaldo and Volker Telljohann

The aim of interconnecting work organisation, innovation and employment provides a defining approach of the European Union to competitiveness. Although there is evidence of the social and economic benefits deriving from processes of organisational innovation and participation there seems to be a lack of dissemination of new forms of work organisation in Southern Europe. Internationally well-known scholars from France, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy try to explain what are the specific obstacles with regard to a broader dissemination of new forms of work organisation in these countries. By doing so they also try to respond to the following more specific questions: What is the role of public policies with regard to the dissemination of new forms of work organisation? How can industrial relations foster processes of organisational innovation? What is the relationship between restructuring processes and new forms of work organisation?
Contents: Francesco Garibaldo/Volker Telljohann: Introduction – Peter Totterdill: The Green Paper and the European Union. A Critical Assessment – Peter Brödner: New Forms of Work Organisation and Competitiveness - Southern Europe’s Need to Catch Up – Henri Rouilleault: Ageing Workforce: A New Stake for Organizational Renewal in Europe – Rainer Greca: Public Administration and SMEs in Programs Supported by the European Commission – Maria José Sousa: Emergence of Organisational Innovation. Portuguese Public Polices – Juan Monreal/Carmina Pérez: Training and Work Organisation – Christos A. Ioannou: Why Modern Work Organisation is Missing from South European Public Policies? The Case of Greece – Norbert Kluge: Organisational Innovation and Industrial Relations - The Impact of the European Provisions on Obligatory Workers’ Involvement – Francesco Garibaldo: Dissemination of the Green Paper in Italy – Volker Telljohann: Organisational Innovation and Participation Models - The Italian Case – Antonio Martin Artiles: Work Organisation and Reorganisation of Working Time: Time Account Management – Chris Jecchinis: New Forms of Work Organisation as Part of EU Policy to Promote Competitiveness and Employability: The Greek Experience – Jan Ottosson: Restructuring Processes and New Forms of Work Organisation in South Europe - Convergence or Divergence? An Overview – Ilona Kovács/Maria da Conceição Cerdeira: Corporate Restructuring, Work Organisation and Labour Relations in Portugal – Emilio Bartezzaghi/Raffaella Cagliano: The Diffusion of New Forms of Work Organization in Italy: An Open Debate – Kevin P. O'Kelly: Summary of the Conference – Jeremy Hague/Friso den Hertog/Tony Huzzard/Peter Totterdill: Instruments and Methodologies – Oscar Marchisio: The Making of Brands – Thoralf Ulrik Qvale: The Role of the Policy Level – Göran Brulin/Eskil Ekstedt: Towards a New Work Organisation Contract in Sweden - The Need for a Legitimising Process – Antonio La Forgia: The Role of the Policy Level - Reflection by a Policy Maker – Wolfgang Potratz/Michaela Evans: Industrialising the Services? – Francesco Garibaldo: Methodologies and Instruments: Food for Thought.