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Science, Medicine and Culture

Festschrift for Fritz G. Wallner

Martin J. Jandl and Kurt Greiner

Constructive Realism, an increasingly discussed philosophy of science founded by the Viennese philosopher of science Fritz G. Wallner, is the core issue of the texts gathered in this volume. The authors either discuss the constructive-realistic view philosophically or present their research interpreted by the constructive-realistic doctrine. Constructive Realism inspires philosophy as well as natural science and humanities. This volume proves this inspiring feature of Constructive Realism. All texts are written by colleagues, friends and scholars of Fritz G. Wallner to honour his 60th birthday.
Contents: Peter Janich: Performance and Description Perspective and the Problem of Scientific Transsubjectivity – Daniël F. M. Strauss: A Transcendental-Empirical Interpretation of the «Verfremdung»-Procedure in Constructive Realism – Tsugio Mimuro: Nishida’s Concept of ‘Pure Experience’ and Language with Special Reference to Humboldt’s View of Language – Helmut Reinalter: Karl R. Popper’s View of History – Mathias Gutmann: Humans as Self-Developing Entities. Some Remarks on Cassirer’s Concept of Symbolic Forms – Sandra B. Rosenthal: Cultural Pluralism and the Issue of Relativism: The Significance of Pragmatic Perspectivism – Julio Raúl Méndez: Logic and Culture – Heinrich Beck: The Relation of European Thought to the ‘Logos’ and ‘Logic’. A Possible Contribution to Cultural World Integration? – Martin J. Jandl: The Non-Intellectual View of Language in the Works of Humboldt and Wittgenstein: Language as Speaking – Zhu Ming: The Framework of Holism in TCM and Western Medicine – Timon Cheng-Yi Liu/Jian-Ling Jiao/Xiao-Yang Xu/Jian Lu/Xiao-Yuan Deng/Song-Hao Liu: Process Theory - The Bridge of the Eastern and Western Culture – Susanne Weigelin-Schwiedrzik: Recent PRC Scholarship in Liang Qichao and the Globalization of the Research on Modern Chinese History – Gustavo Bueno: Medicina y Biología – Hermann Schuster/Johann Muhr: A Rural Transylvanian German-Rooted Elementary School Becomes a Hospital for All and a Home for Aged People – Martin Voracek/Oliver Bernecker/Gernot Sonneck: Suicide Myths and Misconceptions in Medical Students. Preliminary Report – Karl Klement: Educational Situations, Educational Research and the Reflective Practitioner – Kersten Reich: Towards a Constructivist View of Action Levels in Learning Processes - a Plead against Naïve Realism – Hans Rudi Fischer: Rationality, Reasoning and Paralogical Thinking – Vincent Shen: Reasonableness, Strangification and Quality Control in Psychotherapy – Cor van Dijkum: Constructive Realism: Looking Back and Forward – Kwang-Kuo Hwang: The Necessity of Indigenous Psychology: The Perspective of Constructive Realism – Michael Weiss/Linda Roethlisberger: Medusa’s Mirror strangified. Linking CR with PsyQ® – Martin J. Jandl: «Psychology is a social Science». Popper and the Subject Matter in Psychology – Herbert Pietschmann: Complementarity in Quantum Mechanics and in Life – Kambiz Badie: Generating New Ideas through Strangifying Frames of Concepts into Each other – Kurt Greiner: Knowledge of Life World by Functional Strangification of High-Tech Equipment: Instruction for a Thought Experiment.