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Long Life

Festschrift in Honour of Roger Goepper

Jeong-Hee Lee Kalisch, Antje Papist-Matsuo and Willibald Veit

Dedicated to Prof. Roger Goepper on the occasion of his 80th anniversary, this Festschrift contains a collection of essays written by prominent scholars of Asian art, his colleagues and PhD students. Roger Goepper, former Director of the Museum of East Asian Art in Cologne and Professor of East Asian art history at the University of Cologne, does not limit his interests to a particular field of research, and thus the contributions to this volume reflect the wide range of research topics he has pursued during his long and outstanding scholarly career. The articles discuss and elucidate various aspects of East Asian archaeology and architecture, painting and calligraphy, contemporary art, Himalayan art, art preservation in Japan and lacquer ware.

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        • Oriental art (ACBP)

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    • ART / Asian (ART019000)

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