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Polish Psychological Verbs at the Lexicon-Syntax Interface in Cross-linguistic Perspective


Adam Bialy

This book is a comparative study of Polish psychological verbs. The analysis concentrates on the lexicon-syntax interface of psych verbs, and constitutes an argument in favour of its strong dependence on event structure. The aim of this study is to show that the class of Polish psych verbs, as in many other languages, is not uniform. The analysed subclasses are differentiated on the basis of their causation and stativity. The marriage of those semantic traits and their structural representation is possible only if it is performed via event structure configuration, a layer which appears to underlie the conceptualisation of events.
Contents: Psych verbs – Subject Experiencer Verbs – Object Experiencer Verbs – Stative Causation – Complex/Simple Event Structure Representation – Argument Licensing.