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Confronting Fear in Faith

A Psycho-Pastoral Approach to the Problem of Fear in the Christian Life of the Khasi-Jaintias


John Kuttikottayil

Northeast India is a tribal region with unique life situations, cultures and traditions. The Khasi-Jaintias, the most developed tribal community of this area accepted Christianity in the early 19th century. Even after years of Christian life, they experience fear and anxiety when confronted with sufferings and calamities, which they interpret as punishment from their displeased deities or ancestors. This phenomenon shares the common philosophical, psychological and anthropological features of fear and anxiety. This book attempts to develop a psycho-pastoral approach to confront the religious fear of the Khasi-Jaintia Christians. The Word of God and the sacraments along with basic psychological methods of treating fear enhance this approach to overcome fear in their contextual situation.
Contents: The Khasis in the Northeast Indian Context: A detailed description of the tribe – Khasi-Religion and its religious influence on the people – The Advent of Christian Faith in Khasi-Jaintia Hills – Concepts of Fear, its causes and developments – Therapy for Fear: Different methods of treating fear and anxiety – Fear in the Khasi Christian Context: An analysis of their religious fear – Faith Confronting Fear: A psycho-pastoral approach of confronting the religious fear of the Khasi-Jaintias.