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Germany and Israel in the 1990s and Beyond: Still a ‘Special Relationship’?

Still a Special Relationship?


Yves Pallade

This is both a comprehensive and profound analysis of the German-Israeli relationship during the 1990s and beyond, which tries to answer the question whether it can still be considered a ‘special’ one. It comprises a thorough examination of the relations in virtually all existing areas of contact between both countries, ranging from high politics to social contacts, public opinion, and media reporting. Hitherto largely unknown aspects, in particular in the sphere of security cooperation, are brought to light, allowing a perspective different from conventional accounts. Far from contenting itself with a mere enumeration of facts, the critical approach taken by the author also highlights both problematic dimensions of and challenges to the relationship.
Contents: What’s so special about ‘special relationships’? - The hunt for an elusive concept – Security cooperation – Political relations – Economic and financial relations – Scientific, social, professional, and cultural contacts.