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Spoiling the Cannibals’ Fun?

Cannibalism and Cannibalisation in Culture and Elsewhere


Wojciech Kalaga and Tadeusz Rachwal

Spoiling the Cannibals’ Fun? is not a volume about Captain Cook, unless one thinks the story of his having been eaten in the Polynesian tropics is not so much about the nourishing of the barbarians with a white man’s flesh, as one which raises a number of questions relating to, broadly understood, cultural encounters in which some sort of cannibalisation is always at stake. For example, an encounter with the other is inevitably also an encounter of what Penelope Deutscher sees as «the cannibal or ‘eating’ subject who is always already the other ‘in us’», an encounter which questions «the integrity of the subject’s boundaries». This volume takes up such various metaphorical senses of cannibalism and cannibalisation, and explores the ways they function within diverse domains and niches of culture (and elsewhere).
Contents: Lance Rhoades: The Spectre and Spectacle of Cannibalism in Consumerist Society – Helen Day: Modest Proposals and Love Supreme: Metaphorical, Literal and Virtual Cannibalism in Capitalist Society – Kathryn Radford: Reading Literary Cannibalism Through Specific Body Parts – Slawomir Masłoń: Having Eaten One’s Ears: On the Fetish Character in Music and the Spectacle of Digestion – Jacek Mydla: Aquinas Eating Caliban on Friday, or the Vagaries of the Theology of Anti-Cannibalism – Marta Zając: Meatology – Kirsti Bohata: Excessive Appetites: Cannibalism and Lesbianism – Liliana Barakońska: (In)Expressible Incorporation. On Melancholy Cannibals – David Schauffler: Cannibalism on Tomtegaten: Who’s Eating Whom in Hamsun’s Hunger? – Stephen Tapscott: Bite Me! Cannibalism and the Uses of Translation – Tadeusz Rachwal: ‘Cannibals All’. On Masters, Misters, and Mistresses – Johan van Wyk: Killing a Story: The Discourse of Cannibalism in the History and Literature of the Basotho – Eugenia Sojka: Cannibalism and Cannibalisation, the Canadian way. Construction of the Native and Multicultural «Other» in Selected Texts and Arts Events – Ewa Domańska: Transhumanation: From Man to Monster. An Exercise in the Hermeneutics of Passage – Katarzyna Ancuta: The Things We Do for Love. Jeffrey Dahmer and Cannibal Love Culture – Katarzyna Więckowska: Space and Temporalization. The Case of Some (Other) Monsters – Zuzanna Szatanik: Alice in Distressland: Melancholy Cannibalism and Melancholy Edibility in The Edible Woman – Paweł Jędrzejko: Melville’s «Universal Cannibalism of the Sea» – Maciej Nowak: Noah, Calamity and Cannibalism - A Moveable Myth. A Study of a Man-Eating Case in Byron and Barnes – Olga Glebowa: Cannibalism and the Construction of the Other in Beowulf and John Gardner’s Grendel – Rafał Borysławski: «Eater of the Dead». Cannibalism in Anglo-Saxon Culture.