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Musical Development from a Lifespan Perspective

Heiner Gembris

As a part of the general human development, musical abilities start to develop before birth and end virtually with death. Every human being has a musical biography containing his or her musical experiences, potentials and activities. Up to the present, research on music abilities and biographies from a lifespan perspective is scarce. This volume presents insights into different aspects of the lifespan development of professional instrumentalists and singers. Ten empirical studies deal with topics like the stages of career development of professional musicians, the development of the singing voice, musical expertise and others. They are of interest for musicians, music teachers, musicologists and other people, who are interested in the developmental psychology of music.
Contents: Heiner Gembris: Research on Musical Development in a Lifespan Perspective - An Introduction – Maria Manturzewska: A Biographical Study of the Lifespan Development of Professional Musicians – Franziska Olbertz: Job Satisfaction of Professional Orchestra Musicians – Jan Hemming: Giftedness, Talent and the Development of Rock and Pop Musicians – Ralf Th. Krampe: Musical Expertise from a Lifespan Perspective – Martin Koch: Musical Career: Dream or Nightmare? – Claudia Spahn/Bernhard Richter: The Development of the Singing Voice Across the Lifespan – Janet Mills/Jan Smith: Working in Music: Becoming Successful – Heiner Gembris/Daina Langner: What are Instrumentalists Doing After Graduating from the Music Academy? – Heiner Gembris/Daina Langner: What are Singers Doing After Leaving the Music Academy? Georg Maas: Between Fame and Failure: Musical Careers in Feature Films.