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Corpus Technology and Language Pedagogy

New Resources, New Tools, New Methods


Sabine Braun, Kurt Kohn and Joybrato Mukherjee

Contents: Sabine Braun/Kurt Kohn/Joybrato Mukherjee: Introduction – Joybrato Mukherjee: Corpus linguistics and language pedagogy: the state of the art - and beyond – Sabine Braun: ELISA: a pedagogically enriched corpus for language learning purposes – Sandra Götz/Joybrato Mukherjee: Evaluation of Data-Driven Learning in university teaching: a project report – Ulrike Gut: Learner speech corpora in language teaching – Josef Schmied: Corpus linguistics and grammar learning: tutor versus learner perspectives – Christopher Tribble: Using keywords to read the news – Christiane Brand/Susanne Kämmerer: The Louvain International Database of Spoken English Interlanguage (LINDSEI): compiling the German component – Nadja Nesselhauf: Researching L2 production with ICLE – Yvonne Breyer: My Concordancer: tailor-made software for language learners and teachers – Sebastian Hoffmann/Stefan Evert: BNCweb (CQP-edition): the marriage of two corpus tools – Christoph Müller/Michael Strube: Multi-level annotation of linguistic data with MMAX2.