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Scottish Language and Literature, Medieval and Renaissance

Fourth International Conference 1984 – Proceedings


Dietrich Strauss and Horst W. Drescher

The contributions concerned with Scottish Medieval and Renaissance literature focus (1) on literary structures considered specifically Scottish, (2) on the European context in which Scottish poetry of these periods must be understood and (3) on relevant components of the Scottish socio-cultural setting. Two papers deal with early Scottish Gaelic and Orkney Norse literature. The contributions devoted to language are concerned with problems pertaining to historical and current problems of Scottish lexicography, morphology, syntax, phonology, place names and language status, as well as to comparative Germanic linguistics and socio-linguistics, both in connection with Scotland.
Contents: Linguistic contributions as outlined above, synopsis of a panel discussion on the past, present and future outlook of Scots, three socio-linguistic contributions written in Scots, contributions on a large variety of literary subjects from Barbour's Bruce to the poetry of Drummond of Hawthornden.