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The Influence of Culture in the World of Business


Michael B. Hinner

In a globalized economy the importance of intercultural competence is undeniable because culture manifests itself in thinking patterns, decision making processes, behavioral norms as well as beliefs and values. Without an understanding of how culture influences human behavior, misunderstandings are preprogrammed. That is why an understanding of culture has become indispensable in today‘s global economy. The contributing authors of this volume are all acknowledged experts in the field of intercultural communication. They offer explanations as to how intercultural communication influences, directs, and determines many aspects of the world of business.
Contents: Michael B. Hinner: General Introduction: Cultural Adaptation in Mergers and Acquisitions – D. Ray Heisey: Intercultural Communication for a Global Society – Bradford J. Hall: Understanding Global Relations through Local Motivations – Guo-Ming Chen: A Review of the Concept of Intercultural Effectiveness – Young Yun Kim: Adapting to a New Culture: An Integrative Communication Theory – John G. Oetzel/Adolfo Jose Garcia: Managing Intercultural Conflict: Applying the Culture-based Situational Conflict Model – Geert Hofstede: Cultural Constraints in Management Theories – Teruyuki Kume: Contrastive prototypes of Communication Styles in Decision-Making: Mawashi Style vs. Tooshi Style – Arvind Singhal/Motoko Nagao: Assertiveness as Communication Competence: A Comparison of the Communication Styles of American and Japanese Students – Vivian Sheer: The Practice of Transformational Leadership in Chinese Cultures: Constraints and Promises – Steve Sizoo: The Effect of Intercultural Sensitivity on Employee Performance in Cross-Cultural Service Encounters in London and Florida – Andrea Graf: Gender-related differences in Intercultural Communication – Barbara Mueller: Advertising to the Bottom of the Pyramid: Communicating with Consumers in Developing Markets – Marieke de Mooij: The Reflection of Culture in Global Business and Marketing Strategy – Paul Messaris: Visual Advertising across Culture – Prue Holmes/Nurit Zaidman: The Role of Culture in Persuasive Presentations: An Israeli and New Zealand Student Video Exchange – Yuxin Jia: Pragmatic Diversity, Pragmatic Transfer, and Cultural Identity – Felipe Korzenny/Maria Garcia Inglessis: Hispanic Ad Agencies: Taking the Pulse of Their Market – Junhao Hong/Xianhong Chen: Brand-building in the Chinese Social and Cultural Contexts: Characteristics, Trends, and Problems – Nagesh Rao/Arvind Singhal/Li Ren/Jianying Zhang: Is the Chinese Self-Construal in Transition? – Sundae R. Bean/Judith N. Martin: Touring Culture(s): Intercultural Communication Principles and International Tourism.