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Empowerment through Language and Education

Cases and Case Studies from North America, Europe, Africa and Japan


Albert Weideman and Birgit Smieja

The last two decades have alerted applied linguists and their bureaucratic counterparts – those who make or advise government on language policy – to the issue of dealing with language problems in an accountable fashion. Why do these problems seem so intractable? How is it that these problems have not yet satisfactorily been solved? What is it that continues to drive the interest in this? To the scholars from many parts of the world who have been invited to discuss this anew in the proposed volume, it was evident that language planners, policy makers and language managers do not know just how much work there is for language teachers to do if all of the academically desirable arrangements or policies proposed are to be implemented successfully. Indeed, the challenge to implement these at times ambitious plans of language policy makers is normally much bigger than the policy makers estimate.
Contents: Albert Weideman/Birgit Smieja: Introduction. Language, Empowerment and Education: An Enduring Concern – Carol Benson: Bilingual Programs as Educational Development: Access, Quality Empowerment and Equity – Jeff Siegel: Empowering Speakers of Unstandardized Varieties: The Awareness Approach – Olaf Jäkel: An Empowering Approach to Teaching Literature: Socratic Discourse Evaluation – Olenka Bilash: The Rocky Road to Reversing Language Shift in a Cree Community in Canada – Birgit Brock-Utne: Understanding What the Teacher Is Saying - Code-switching and Code-mixing in the Tanzanian Classroom – Christine Simone Sing: Multilingualism as Empowerment? Is English Disempowering German Learners? – Elizabeth J. Erling/Suzanne K. Hilgendorf: English in the German University: A Means of Disadvantage or Empowerment? – Christa van der Walt: Motivation and Empowerment: Opposing Forces? – Albert Weideman: Design Considerations for Academic Literacy Courses: Meeting the Challenges of Higher Education – Yvonne Ellis: The Reality of Authentic: Exploring the Use of Forms and Authentic Text in an EFL Context in Japan.