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Information Distribution in English Grammar and Discourse and Other Topics in Linguistics

Festschrift for Peter Erdmann on the Occasion of his 65 th Birthday

See-Young Cho and Erich Steiner

This book is a Festschrift for Peter Erdmann on the occasion of his 65 th birthday. It contains contributions by former students, as well as by close colleagues from various phases of his academic life. The broad range of topics addressed is a reflection of Peter Erdmann’s wide ranging interests in both synchronic and historical linguistics, extending mainly to English and German, but including numerous other languages as well.
Contents: See-Young Cho/Erich Steiner: Introduction – John Beatty: Tehenrahsahkwa - Story Variations and Personalities – See-Young Cho: Frequency, Productivity and Lexicalization of Complex Premodifiers in English – Stefan Diemer: The Polysemy of over in Late Middle English Verb-Particle Combinations – Wolfgang Kühlwein: Bede’s Narrative on Cædmon: A Semiotic Analysis – Max Mangold: Final Devoicing according to SIEBS and Deutsche Rechtschreibung 1996 – Karl Maroldt: Word Order in West Saxon Prose – E.-A. Müller/Roger Charlton: Some Standard of Vowel Systems of English: A Typology-Oriented Approach – Elke Nowak: From Morpheme to Utterance: Information Structure and Polysynthesis – Hanna Pishwa: Tense and Aspect: Source of Information – Jackie Pocklington: Bewerben auf Englisch: Stages of Development in a Dictionary, Guidebook and CD-ROM Publication – Erich Steiner: Construing Contextualization through Meaning: Some Thoughts on a Semantics for Theme – Elke Teich: Information Load in Theme and New: An Exploratory Study of Science Texts.