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Values and Norms in the Age of Globalization


Edited By Ewa Czerwinska and Ewa Czerwinska-Schupp

The authors of this book, scholars from Germany, Austria, the United States, Kirghizia and Poland, seek an answer to the challenges posed to social sciences by the globalization epoch. The challenges apply to such problems as the establishment of rights and rules and institutions governing the existence of supra- and international communities, the development of a common system of ethical values, moral standards and norms (or even the creation of a system of entirely new values, standards and norms) supporting the unification process, as well as the legitimacy and validity of transferring the values and standards and the models of economy and politics characteristic of European culture to other cultures and civilizations. This book raises the questions that are particularly significant to the present-day political practice in its European and global dimensions: the questions of place, role and dimension, as well as topicality or transformations in the post-modern order of the world, of such moral values, standards and norms present in politics as human rights, freedom, justice, responsibility, solidarity, tolerance, forgiveness, peace, security, education, modernization or democracy and law.
Contents: Ewa Czerwińska-Schupp: Introduction – Karl-Otto Apel: «Jus gentium» or «Cosmopolitan Law»? The Topicality of a Kantian Aporia Today – Dietrich Böhler: Sich-Verantworten in der globalisierten high-tech-Zivilisation. Ein Diskurs zwischen Hans Jonas, Karl-Otto Apel und der sokratischen Dialogpragmatik – Christoph Menke: From the Dignity of Man to Human Dignity: the Subject of Rights – Manfried Welan: Drei Weise aus dem alten Österreich: Friedrich August von Hayek, Karl Raimund Popper, Hans Kelsen. Unwissenheit als Grund von Freiheit und Toleranz – Mercedes Torrevejano: Über das Menschliche als Struktur von Möglichkeiten – Peter Kampits: Europe Is More than the European Union – Marek Kwiek: The Future of the Welfare State and Democracy: the Effects of Globalization from a European Perspective – Adam Chmielewski: Two Concepts of Unity in Political Practice – Stephan Grätzel: Das Verzeihen als Grundlage für das kulturelle Zusammenwachsen von Europa – Walter Maria Stojan: Solidarity - an European Value in an Atomizing World – Tadeusz Buksiński: Modernisation as a Value and Norm – Rainer Adolphi: Wert-Konflikte - Ein Selbstverständigungstopos globalisierter Gesellschaften – Erwin Bader: Das Problem der weltweiten religiösen Pluralität aus der Sicht des Weltfriedens – Barbara A. Markiewicz: Politic as a System of Education – Dariusz Dobrzański: The Problem of Justification of Political Obligations. A Civic Solidarity Argument – Danuta Sobczyńska: Motherhood: a Timeless Value for Humankind, a Choice for Her? – Elżbieta Pakszys: Value-Neutrality or Gender Bias in Research on Human Relationships Globalization – Sven Sellmer: Neo-Hinduism as a Response to Globalization – Anna Seweryn: Consumer Choice. Petit Bourgeois Tautology and Bourgeois Individualism in the Age of Globalization – Marek Sikora: On the Role of Science in the Global Society – Piotr Leśniewski: Values in Social Structures. A Formal Study – Werner Krawietz: Beyond Methodological and Theoretical Individualism - Are There Collective Actors or Collective Subjects in Modern Legal Systems? – Roman Tokarczyk: Global Meaning Values and Norms of Biojurisprudence – Otmar Höll: The Global System between Integration and Fragmentation – Thomas Nowotny: Security and Power through Interdependence - on the Morality of Globalization – Zeinep Shaimergenova: Aussenpolitik und Globalisierung am Beispiel der Kirgisischen Republik – Klaus Müller: Globalization and Democracy. Progress and Paradoxes – Jarema Jakubowski: Preconditions of Democracy – Stanisław Zyborowicz: Alternation of Power as an Important Condition of Democracy – Krzysztof Brzechczyn: Paths to Democracy of the Post-Soviet Republics: Attempt at Conceptualization.