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Euroregions – The Alps-Adriatic Context

Josef Langer

«Opening of the East», transformation of the communist countries and membership in the European Union produce new opportunities and risks for the regions of Europe. A special dimension in this context is cross-border co-operation. A number of developments have taken place in recent decades in this respect, but many questions are still open or remain ambiguous. This book discusses this situation in a wider societal context and with a special focus on the Alps-Adriatic territory. Special attention is given to the idea of a «Europe of Regions» and its various realisations, be it the construct of Euroregion or diverse European Union policies. If one should want to draw a general conclusion from this book then this might be that, at the brink of the 21 st Century, Europe is again in a process where the cards between central powers and regions are being reshuffled.
Contents: Josef Langer: Euroregions - Benevolence or Deception? – Ari Nieminen: Dynamics of European Integration - What About the Regional Level? – Max Haller: A «Europe of the Regions» - Myth and Reality – Georg Vobruba: European Union Borders Within Enlargement – Paolo Pasi: Euroregions as Micro-Models of European Integration – Doris Hattenberger: Constitutional Aspects of Transborder Co-operation – Martin Seger: Geographical Dimensions of the Alps-Adriatic Region – Hellwig Valentin: Strategies and Perspectives of the Alps-Adriatic Working Community – Eugenio Ambrosi/Elisabetta Reja/Camilla Toresini: Friuli Venezia Giulia’s Cross-Border Co-operation Experience – Daniele Del Bianco: Creating the Gorizia-Goriska Euroregion – Giulio Tarlao: Italian Experiences with Cross-Border Co-operation: A Report from Focus Group Meetings with Protagonists – Serena Fedel: Women Between Family and Work: A Comparison Between Carinthia, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Slovenia – Milan Jazbec: Security Dimensions of Cross-Border Co-operation in the Alps-Adriatic Region – Wolfgang Platzer: Euregio: Carinthian Perspectives and Strategies – Hannes Slamanig: Tourism Networking in the Alps-Adriatic Region – Katarzyna Stokłosa: Opportunities and Problems of Euroregions along the Polish-German Border – Roger Lawrence: Borders at the Edge of the Enlarged European Union - Barriers or Bridges?