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Beyond «Reception»

Mutual Influences between Antique Religion, Judaism, and Early Christianity


David Brakke, Anders-Christian Jacobsen and Jörg Ulrich

Contents: David Brakke/Jörg Ulrich/Anders-Christian Jacobsen: Introduction to Early Christianity in the Context of Antiquity (ECCA) – David Brakke/Jörg Ulrich/Anders-Christian Jacobsen: Preface to Beyond Reception (ECCA 1) – Christoph Markschies: Antiquity and Christianity or: The Unavoidability of False Problems – Maren R. Niehoff: Philo’s Contribution to Contemporary Alexandrian Metaphysics – Kåre Fuglseth: The Reception of Aristotelian Features in Philo and the Authorship Problem of Philo’s De Aeternitate Mundi – Troels Engberg-Pedersen: Paul’s Necessity: A Bourdieuesque Reading of the Pauline Project – Niels Willert: The Reception of Biblical and Greco-Roman Ethics in the Apologetics of the Early Church – Martin Vahrenhorst: Greek Religious and Cultic Terminology in the LXX Pentateuch – Einar Thomassen: The Reception of Greco-Roman Religious and Cultic Terminology in Judaism and Christianity, with Special Reference to Sacrificial Terminology – Gary B. Ferngren: The Early Christian Reception of Greek Medicine – David Brakke: Origins and Authenticity: Studying the Reception of Greek and Roman Spiritual Traditions in Early Christian Monasticism – Samuel Rubenson: Antony and Pythagoras: A Reappraisal of the Appropriation of Classical Biography in Athanasius’ Vita Antonii – Aage Pilgaard: The Classical Biography as Model for the Gospels – Marie Verdoner: Cultural Negotiations in the Psychomachia of Prudentius.