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Gender Dynamics and Post-Conflict Reconstruction

Christine Eifler and Ruth Seifert

This volume by international authors deals with the role of gender dynamics in the development of post-conflict societies. The authors describe and analyze diverse aspects of the intertwining of gender and other social and cultural relations from an interdisciplinary perspective. They analyze gendered post-conflict dynamics in diverse contexts asking for the consequences these developments have in the settings under investigation, such as Eastern and Southeastern Europe, Palestine and Afghanistan.
Contents: Gitti Hentschel: Preface – Christine Eifler/Ruth Seifert: Gender Dynamics and Violent Conflict – Ruth Seifert: Armed Conflicts, Post-War Reconstruction and Gendered Subjectivities – Lynne Alice: The UN’s Global Gender Agenda and Post-Conflict Reconstruction: The Implementation of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 in Kosovo – Susanne Schmeidl: The «Undoing of Gender Inequalities» in Traditional Societies: The Example of Post-Conflict Afghanistan – Anne Jenichen: Multi-Level Advocacy Networks in Post-War Settings: The Case of the Gender Quota in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Remzije Istrefi/Ariana Qosaj-Mustafa: Trafficking of Women in Post-Conflict Regions: The Case of Kosovo – Meghan Simpson: Intersectionalities of Gender and Class in the Wake of Kyrgyzstan’s March 2005 Events – Vjollca Krasniqi: The Gender Politics of Post-War Reconstruction in Kosova – Michaela Schäuble: Contested Masculinities: Discourses on the Role of Croatian Combatants during the ‘Homeland War’ (1991-1995) – Andrea Hapke: The Responsibility of ‘Mothers’. Gendered Discussions of Women’s Peace Organisations in the North-Caucasus/Russia – Stef Jansen/Elissa Helms: The ‘White Plague’: National-Demographic Rhetoric and its Gendered Resonance After the Post-Yugoslav Wars – Veronika Shcheblanova/Elena Yarskaya-Smirnova: Explanations of Female Terrorism. Discourses about Chechen Terrorists in the Russian Mass Media: «Easy Girls», «Coarse Women» or Fighters? – Natalie Mutlak: Approaching the Interdependence of Gender, Water Supply and Conflict: The Example of Access to Water Resources in the Ramallah Governorate.