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When Knowledge Sparks a Flame

Knowledge communication in the international non-profit organisation SOS Children’s Villages

Christina Lechner-Kreidl, Werner Hilweg, Mai-Gyuen-Feichtner and Rüdiger Reinhardt

How can we provide the right people with the right knowledge at the right time? How can we support co-workers in transferring and implementing knowledge? And how can we cope with the challenges involved? It is these and similar questions that the international non-profit organisation SOS Children’s Villages has been intensively exploring over the past couple of years. SOS Children’s Villages has chosen a strategy to make existing knowledge available to other fields of work on a world-wide scale. In its approach the organisation focuses on people-related communication, while taking into account the growing culture of learning and of exchanging experiences, and it tries to make best possible use of the specific strengths of the different cultures. With four examples from the field of practical work this book describes ways of dealing with a topic that equally affects profit and non-profit organisations. The authors provide concrete implementation strategies and offer their insights and experiences in dealing with knowledge transfer processes. Finally, the book draws conclusions about the topic that are relevant for profit-making organisations. This book will serve as a source of ideas and inspiration to all those faced with the challenge of implementing knowledge transfer efficiently and target-group oriented.

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