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Formative Evaluation for Organisational Learning

A Case Study of the Management of a Process of Curriculum Development


John O´Dwyer

Formative Evaluation has long been considered a major contributor to curriculum development in education. This book describes and analyses a case-study of the use of Formative Evaluation in a large university school of language. Evidence suggests three distinct types of Formative Evaluation, Metacognitive, Transformative, and Performative, with differing levels of effectiveness in promoting curriculum improvement and a Learning Organisation. Performative evaluation surfaces as the most effective for curriculum and organisational development. For managers and curriculum specialists grappling with the task of developing a strong institutional culture, the case-study shows how embedding effective Formative Evaluation into management systems and structures improves change management, encourages a positive organisational culture and leads to sustained organisational learning.
Contents: Formative Evaluation – Learning Organisations – Organisational Learning – Information Management – Organisational Culture – Sustainability – Educational Management – Curriculum Development – Curriculum Innovation – Change Management – Program Evaluation – Evaluation Use – English Language Teaching, School Administration.