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Education as a Societal Contributor

Reflections by Finnish Educationalists

Ritva Jakku-Sihvonen and Hannele Niemi

The purpose of this book is to explain the function of the educationalists and educational research in Finnish society especially in developing the education system. Educational researchers, administrators, policymakers, teachers and other practitioners have worked in close cooperation in the development of the effective educational system. The aim has been to create equal learning opportunities. In this book Finnish educationalists describe education as understood and taught at Finnish universities, the roots of ongoing discussions in education, the function of educational knowledge in educating teachers and other experts, and the main contents in educating teachers and other educational experts.
Contents: Ritva Jakku-Sihvonen/Hannele Niemi: Introduction – Michael Uljens: Education and Societal Change in the Global Age – Ari Kivelä/Pauli Siljander: Education in Finland - Theoretical Shifts of the Past Decades – Pauli Siljander: Education and «Bildung» in Modern Society - Developmental Trends of Finnish Educational and Sociocultural Processes – Päivi Atjonen: Educational Technology and Technology Education for a Better Private and Public Life - Principles and Practices from the Finnish Viewpoint – Pentti Hakkarainen: Curriculum Models of Early Childhood Education – Pertti Kansanen: Research-based Teacher Education – Leena Krokfors: Two-fold Role of Pedagogical Practice in Research-based Teacher Education – Veijo Meisalo: Subject Teacher Education in Finland: a Research-based Approach - The Role of Subject Didactics and Networking in Teacher Education – Viljo Kohonen: Towards Transformative Foreign Language Teacher Education: the Subject Teacher as a Professional Social Actor – Ritva Jakku-Sihvonen: Curricula for Majoring in Education – Anna Raija Nummenmaa/Tiina Soini: Post Graduate Studies in Educational Sciences.