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A Corpus-Based Study of Nominalizations Predicated by English Deverbal Nouns in «-tion»

A Cognitive Grammar Approach


Michal Szawerna

This book offers a corpus-based cognitive grammar account of the full range of nominalizations predicated by English deverbal nouns in -tion. Collectively, these nominalizations make up a category whose internal structure is presented in the form of a schematic network model. In this model, the nominalizations are characterized at varying levels of abstraction, from the topmost highly abstract all-embracing schema to its most specific low-level instantiations. In turn, the model’s mid-level schemas embody generalizations over individual nominalization kinds distinguished on the basis of their profile, i.e. the facet of the nominalization’s underlying process – be it the trajector, the landmark, or the entire sequence of states making up this process – which has been selected for reification.
Contents: Deverbal Nominalization – Semantic Extension – Conceptual Reification – Schematic Network Model – Corpus-based Analysis – Cognitive Grammar – Cognitive Linguistics – Conceptualist Semantics.