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Studies in Formal Slavic Linguistics

Contributions from Formal Description of Slavic Languages 6.5- Held at the University of Nova Gorica, December 1-3, 2006


Franc Lanko Marusic and Rok Zaucer

This book is concerned with explicit descriptions of phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and with computational-linguistic aspects of Slavic languages, mostly within the Principles and Parameters framework, which situates linguistic theory in the broader cognitive sciences. Through the description of specific linguistic phenomena in Slavic languages, the papers in this volume contribute to the development of linguistic theory.
Contents: Željko Bošković: On Two Types of Negative Constituents and Negative Concord – Carlos de Cuba/Ivana Mitrović: Restrictions on WH-Adjunct Movement in Serbian – Bartłomiej Czaplicki: Decomposition of Nasal Vowels in Polish – Věra Dvořáková-Procházková: Argument Structure of Czech Event Nominals – Alja Ferme: Morphological Complexity and Obstruent Devoicing in Slovene – Steven Franks: Deriving Discontinuity – Atle Grønn: Russian Aspect as Bidirectional Optimization – Natalia Ivlieva/Alexander Podobryaev: Bound to be Bound: on Certain Similarities between Pronominal and Anaphor Binding – Vesselina Laskova: Double Definiteness Constructions in Colloquial Bulgarian – Markéta Lopatková/Martin Plátek/Petr Sgall: Functional Generative Description, Restarting Automata and Analysis by Reduction – Tatjana Marvin: The Interaction between Stress, Syntax and Meaning in Slovenian Priscianic Formations – Ora Matushansky: The Case of Predication – Lucie Medová: Reflexive Clitics, Movement and Layered Case – Anna Pazelskaya: Argument Structure in Russian Deverbal Nouns in -nie – María Luisa Rivero/Milena Milojević Sheppard: Revisiting Involuntary State Constructions in Slovenian – Peter Staroverov: Type-Shifting and Lexical Semantics in the Interpretation of Russian Conjoined Relational Nouns – Igor Yanovich: Ordinary Property and Identifying Property WH-Words: Two kakoj-s in Russian – Markéta Ziková: Why are Case Markers in the Czech Nominal Declension not Cyclic Suffixes? – Sašo Živanović: Varieties of Most: on Different Readings of Superlative Determiners.