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An Introduction to Traditional Logic


Joseph M. Nyasani

This book is designed to meet a growing demand for a simple yet comprehensive text in logic that can satisfy not only the student of logic but also the student of related disciplines in his quest for the command of a systematic thinking and a quick lucid expression of his own ideas. In order to achieve this goal, the book suggests a variety of methods and techniques of discerning between correct and incorrect modes of reasoning. Lawyers, journalists, politicians and all those who aspire for the skill of rhetoric will certainly find it an invaluable companion.
Contents: Definition of Logic - Explanation of Logical Terms - Truth and Validity - Categorical Propositions - The Square of Opposition and Immediate Inferences - Syllogisms and Rules for Testing the Validity or Invalidity of Syllogisms - Reduction of Syllogistic Arguments to Standard Form - Hypothetical and Disjunctive Syllogisms - Enthymemes, Sorites and Dilemma - Fallacies.