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Health and Healing in the Igbo Society

Basis and Challenges for an Inculturated Pastoral Care of the Sick


Victor Onyeador

Beleaguered by diseases and susceptible to sickness, humanity has always been solicitous about health and healing. Hence in every human society the care of the sick has the pride of place. Even the Church is deeply concerned not only with the supernatural destiny, but also with the earthly predicament of human race. She devotes herself, therefore, to a healing ministry in which the care of the sick is of paramount importance. This concern calls for a scientific study of healing in the Church’s mission. In this book the author exposes the nature of the healing ministry of the Church as it is practised both in Europe and Africa, but with particular reference to the Igbo Society of Nigeria. He analyses the different methods practised, and offers measures to arrest certain irregularities that have emerged in healing ministry among the Igbos. In doing this, he remains faithful to the revered tradition of the Church.
Contents: The Igbos and their understanding of life – Understanding of health and healing – Conception of suffering and sickness in the light of European culture – Basis and challenges for an inculturated pastoral care of the sick – Some pastoral abuses in the healing ministry.