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Forces Shaping the EU

Social Science Approaches to Understanding the European Union

Josef Langer

Contents: Josef Langer: Where does the European Union go? Social Science Questions and Answers – Ari Nieminen: Explaining European Union Integration Structural Determinism Versus Open Future – Lojze Sočan: The European Union in a Global Context. A Developmental Approach – Max Haller: The European Union. A New Global Power or a New Civil Community? – Manfred Prisching: The Parameters of Europe – József Böröcz/Mahua Sarkar: What is the European Union? Three Years After the «Big Bang» Enlargement – Josef Langer: Path Dependence of Future Scenarios for the European Union –Vittorio Olgiati: Legal Fictions as Constitutional Sociotechnics. A Study on EU Constructivist Legal Revisionism – Martti Muukkonen: The Power of Belief in European Welfare-Thinking – Doina Cajvaneanu: The Tower of Babel Revisited. The European Union as a Failed Speech Community – Fabio D’Andrea: Notes for Another European Culture. Italy and Dumont’s Cultural Variants – Marco Caselli: The Role of Civil Society in the Construction and Life of the European Union – Joséf Niżnik: Discourse and Social Communication. The Case of «Democracy» in the European Integration Discourse – Monika Eigmüller: Perspectives of Borders. European Legitimacy at the Periphery – Milan Jazbec: Slovenia: The Long March From Belgrade to Brussels.