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Europe, a Leap into the Unknown

A Journey Back in Time to Meet the Founders of the European Union


Victoria Martín de la Torre

This non-fiction story recreates the decade that gave birth to the European Communities (1948–1957). Written in a journalistic style, it shows the origins of the EU project through the eyes of the protagonists. Jean Monnet, Robert Schuman, Konrad Adenauer, Alcide De Gasperi and Paul-Henri Spaak – the so-called «Fathers of Europe» – are brought back to life, so that the reader can learn about their personal backgrounds and beliefs, and also see them in action. Their discussions are key to understanding how and why decisions which today affect the lives of 500 million Europeans were taken at the time. All facts and conversations have been taken from the memoirs of the protagonists, newspaper articles, speeches, EU historical archives and interviews with people who knew them.

«There are books that have a taste from the very first to the last page and this is one of them. It is however, actually tackling an apparently austere subject, the birth of Community Europe. On first appearances, it is not one of the most attractive or seductive themes. But there you go, the talent of the author is such that the book is a real treat, finely crafted and reads like a novel, full of suspense.» (Michel Theys, Bulletin Quotidien Europe 11185, 2014)