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Contemporary Archaeologies

Excavating Now

Cornelius Holtorf and Angela Piccini

This book is about the archaeology of the present and the very recent past. Archaeology’s repertoire of questions, procedures, methodologies and terminologies, its material manifestations (protected sites, public museums, archives) and its popular appeals are rooted in modernity. Contemporary archaeologies marry archaeology in the modern world with the archaeology of the modern world. Their strengths lie in a stimulating mix of interdisciplinary practices across academic, public-sector and professional contexts. This book brings together a wide variety of original case-studies, from contemporary theme parks to the bases of Antarctica expeditions, from a rocket engine test site in Australia to Swedish automobile history, from tiger enclosures to the ‘privatisation of experience’, and from a Nevada peace camp to a stretch of gutter in Bristol.
Contents: Angela Piccini/Cornelius Holtorf: Fragments from a Conversation about Contemporary Archaeologies – Julian Thomas: Sigmund Freud’s Archaeological Metaphor and Archaeology’s Self-understanding – Cornelius Holtorf: Imagine This: Archaeology in the Experience Economy – Sarah May: Then Tyger Fierce Took Life Away: The Contemporary Material Culture Of Tigers – Mike Pearson: ‘Professor Gregory’s Villa’ and Piles of Pony Poop: Early Expeditionary Remains in Antarctica – Colleen M. Beck/John Schofield/Harold Drollinger: Archaeologists, Activists, and a Contemporary Peace Camp – Louise K. Wilson: Notes on a Record of Fear: On the Threshold of the Audible – Mats Burström: Garbage or Heritage: The Existential Dimension of a Car Cemetery – Jonna Ulin: Into the Space of the Past: A Family Archaeology – Alice Gorman: Beyond The Space Race: The Material Culture Of Space In A New Global Context – Angela Piccini: Guttersnipe: A Micro Road Movie – Paul Graves-Brown: The Privatisation of Experience and the Archaeology of the Future.