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Embedded Thinking

Multimedia and the New Rationality

Zsuzsanna Kondor

The new devices of communication that have recently been emerging have far-reaching effects not only on our everyday lives, but also on our cognitive patterns: they lead us back again into the world of multimodality, and call attention, not incidentally, to the widening gap between everyday experience and the traditional convictions of philosophy. Traditional philosophical inquiries are seen in a new light when viewed from the perspective of communications technology. From that perspective, it becomes clear that a radical turn has become inevitable in the field of metaphysics and epistemology. This volume attempts to provide building-blocks for the new edifice of philosophy towards which that turn is leading.
Contents: Language and Communication: Objectification or Spiritual Involvement? - The Tradition of Logos and a New Intellectual Attitude - Language, Myth, and Communication – Philosophy and Communications Technology: Changing Media: Perennial Challenge for Philosophy - Virtual Realities: Old and New – Social Makeup and Solitary Reason - Being Mobile: Cognitive Multiplicity - Solitude, Culture, and the Technology of Communication – Images and Words: The Iconic Turn in Metaphysics - Seinsvergessenheit, Bildsvergessenheit: Images in Changing Media - The Mobile Image: Experience on the Move - Multimodal Integration: From a Philosophical Point of View – Language and Cognition: Old Patterns, New Bewitchments - Contexts: Basic and Metaphoric - Converging Theories: The Age of Secondary Literacy.