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Uneasy Encounters

The Politics of Medicine and Health in China 1900-1937

Iris Borowy

Contents: Iris Borowy: Introduction – Qiusha Ma: From Religion to Science: Western Medicine’s Role in Reforming China – Florence Bretelle-Establet: From Extending French Colonial Control to Safeguarding National Prestige: The French Medical Dispensaries in Southern China – Liping Bu: Social Darwinism, Public Health and Modernization on China, 1895-1925 – Liew Kai Khiun: (Re)Claiming Sovereignty: The Manchuria Plague Prevention Services (1912-31) – David Luesink: The History of Chinese Medicine: Empires, Transnationalism and Medicine in China, 1908-1937 – Socrates Litsios: The Rockefeller Foundation’s Struggle to Correlate Its Existing Medical Program with Public Health Work in China – Iris Borowy: Thinking Big - League of Nations Efforts towards a Reformed National Health System in China.