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Continuity and Discontinuity in Early Christian Apologetics


Jörg Ulrich, Anders-Christian Jacobsen and Maijastina Kahlos

This book contains the contributions to a workshop on apologetics in early Christianity which took place at the Fifteenth International Conference on Patristic Studies in Oxford in the summer of 2007. The workshop was arranged by scholars from Germany, Finland and Denmark who had for some time worked together in a project on early Christian apologetics. The aim of the workshop was thus to present and discuss some of the results and still unsolved problems which arose from this project. The book presents the contributions to the workshop. Hereby the editors hope to reach a larger audience and thus to be able to further the discussion of the topic of early Christian apologetics.
Contents: Jörg Ulrich/Anders-Christian Jacobsen/Maijastina Kahlos: Preface – Anders-Christian Jacobsen: Apologetics and Apologies - Some Definitions – John Eugene Fojtik: Tatian the Barbarian: Language, Education and Identity in the Oratio ad Graecos – Tobias Georges: Occultum and manifestum: Some Remarks on Tertullian’s Apologeticum – Jakob Engberg: «From among You are We. Made, not Born are Christians»: Apologists’ Accounts on Conversion before 310 AD – Maijastina Kahlos: The Rhetoric of Tolerance and Intolerance: From Lactantius to Firmicus Maternus – Markus Mertaniemi: Acerrimus inimicus: Porphyry in Christian Apologetics – Jörg Ulrich: The Reception of Greek Christian Apologetics in Theodoretus’ Graecarum affectionum curatio.