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The Quality of Eligible Collateral, Central Bank Losses and Monetary Stability

An Empirical Analysis


Philipp Lehmbecker

This book investigates to what extent the quality of eligible collateral is able to explain inflation. Addressing this question, hypotheses derived from the Theory of Property Economics by Heinsohn & Steiger are tested. Data are collected using a questionnaire, answered by central banks. An index of the quality of eligible collateral is constructed. Regression analyses are performed based on a sample of 62 countries for the period 1990 to 2003. A negative, robust and statistically significant correlation between inflation and the quality of eligible collateral is found. Central bank independence cannot contribute to the explanation of inflation. The result supports the theory of Heinsohn & Steiger: Securitisation of central bank lending is crucial for price stability.
Contents: The quality of eligible collateral and inflation – Literature on institutional determinants of monetary stability – Literature on a central bank’s raison d’être and on collateral in economic analyses.