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Comparative Adult Education 2008

Experiences and Examples- A Publication of the International Society for Comparative Adult Education ISCAE


Edited By Jost Reischmann and Michal Bron Jr.

Adult and Continuing Education has become a field of action, reflection, and research all over the world. To learn from successful models developed worldwide, this book documents and discusses the progress of comparative adult education – aims, contents, methods, obstacles, and prospects. The first part examines basic questions of comparative adult education. The contributions offer a deeper understanding and include warnings of obstacles and pitfalls. They help to design research by building up on the theoretical framework developed in prior research. The second part presents experiences and «lessons learned», suggesting advice and warnings for successful comparative work. The studies in the third part illustrate research methods as well as topics important to researchers in various regions of the world. Descriptions of international institutions in the last part may assist to use their assistance and services.