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Children and Youth at Risk

Historical and International Perspectives

Christine Mayer, Ingrid Lohmann and Ian Grosvenor

Contents: Ian Grosvenor/Ingrid Lohmann/Christine Mayer: Children and youth at risk: An introduction – Rebekka Horlacher: Onanism as endangering salvation? Theory and practice in an educational institute around 1800 – Karin Priem: Photography as a mode of enquiry: On the perception of children with educational needs – José F. Jiménez Trujillo: Protection of childhood during the Spanish Civil War: Art and propaganda on the Republican side – Fabio Pruneri: The risk of freedom. Young people and national rebuilding in Italy after World War II – Alice Arinlade Jekayinfa: Incidences of risky practices that are child abuse in Nigeria – Sara Aebi: Kept safe from the ‘evil world’. The Moravian boarding school for girls in Montmirail (Switzerland) between 1766 and 1800 – Tibor Bauder/Claudia Crotti: Labour, children and education in the first half of the 19th century. Socio-political and pedagogical endeavors in Switzerland – Marjoke Rietveld-van Wingerden: Reform in education of the deaf: David Hirsch and his school in Rotterdam (1853) – Josefina Granja Castro: Thinking childhood: Categories of schooling in Mexico, 1850-1930 – Maria Leonor Colaço: Photographic representation and the construction of identity in Casa Pia, a boarding school for destitute orphans, 1860-1950 – Polly Thanailaki: Young women at risk: Poverty, malnutrition and philantrophy. The role of charity schools in Greek society, 1830-1899 – Gisela Miller-Kipp: Hunger and help or how to feed children in meagre times. Health care and welfare in the District of Duesseldorf, 1890-1925 – Francisco Martín/Carmen Sanchidrían: Protection of abandoned children in Spain. The Casa de Misericordia in Málaga, 1911-1936 – Marcelo Caruso: ‘Teachers in miniature’. Moral risk, teaching monitors, and the opposition to the Bell-Lancaster-System in the early 19th century. A transnational perspective – James C. Albisetti: Young Neapolitans at risk: Julie Schwabe and the Hamburg-Manchester-connection – Pedro L. Moreno Martínez: Child protection within an international context: The 1908 reports by Álvaro López and Julián Juderías – Tim Allender: Girls at risk: The female learning space in colonial India, 1818-1919.