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China: The Rising Power

Gunther Hauser and Franz Kernic

China is the rising power of the early 21 st century. In recent years, its economy has turned into a driving locomotive for the entire Asian continent. Undoubtedly, the country has become an important factor in global politics and economics with a tremendous impact on the political, social and economic development of all other states on our planet. Today’s emerging new world order is unimaginable without China playing a crucial role in it. The general aim of this book is to study in detail this transformation process and the respective changes in China’s relationship with other major political and economic powers. The articles compiled in the book were written by researchers from think-tanks, diplomatic institutions and academia. This publication easily guides interested readers through the general landscape of Chinese external relations.
Contents: Gunther Hauser/Franz Kernic: Forword – Gunther Hauser: China - A Hyper-state on the Rise – Jianwei Wang: From «Strategic Competitors» to «Stakeholders»: U.S.-China Relations during the Bush Administration – Xiudian Dai: Understanding EU-China Relations: An Uncertain Partnership in the Making – Shogo Suzuki: China-Japan – Heinrich Kreft: China and India - Two Rising Rivals? – Martin Malek: Current Russian Geopolitical Concepts in Asia: A Special Focus on Uzbekistan and Iran – Gerald Hainzl: African Countries and China: A One-Way Relationship? – Klaus Fischer: World Energy Security Policy - Asia on the Move – Thomas Bauer: The EU Arms Embargo against China: Debating the Future of a Blunt Sword – Martin Kleiber: The Chinese Military on a Long March into the 21st Century.