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Promotive Activities in Technology-Enhanced Learning

The Impact of Media Selection on Peer Review, Active Listening and Motivational Aspects


Christine Bauer

Numerous studies indicate that learning is most effective in terms of persistency when it addresses the whole person rather than merely the intellect. A set of promotive activities that foster significant learning have been extensively researched in classroom settings. The major scientific goal of this work is to investigate whether and how promotive activities may be applied in technology-enhanced learning settings. Besides transferring existing activity patterns to the online context, this work presents new opportunities that could only emerge with technology enhancement. This work draws up general recommendations and provides practical examples. The main fields of interest are: motivational aspects, peer review, and «active listening» with written means of online communication.
Contents: Promotive activities in technology-enhanced learning settings – Furthering significant learning – Selecting appropriate media for specific tasks – Considering motivational aspects in course design – Appropriate media selection for peer reviews – «Active listening» with written online communication.