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Towards a Knowledge-Based Society in Europe

10 th International Conference on Policies of Economic and Social Development, Sofia, October 5 to 7, 2007


Chobanov, Jürgen Plöhn and Horst Schellhaass

This book presents the proceedings of the 10 th International Conference of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Sofia University on Policies of Economic and Social Development. On a selective base the volume collects twelve major contributions to the conference by 17 participants from nine universities and research institutes out of seven different countries. The reviewed texts offer insights into three areas of studies: (1) the state of the economy in Southeast Europe between liberalization and stabilization, (2) problems of European national economies and of the European Union and (3) aspects of economic theory and a globalized economy. The articles encompass twelve graphs and 27 tables.
Contents: Jürgen Plöhn: Introduction – Georgy Ganev: Informal Institutions, Partial Enforcement, and Impersonal Exchange: Observations from Bulgarian Streets – Anastasia Bankova/Todor Yalamov: Management, Knowledge, and Competitiveness of Organizations. A Study of Bulgarian Enterprises – Desislava Yordanova/Maria-Antonia Tarrazon: Determinants of Entrepreneurial Intentions Among Bulgarian University Students: An Exploratory Investigation – Diana Boyadzhieva: Data Mining - Overview of the Technology and the Potential for Adoption in the Bulgarian Banking Industry – Anastasia Paris/Ioannis Patiniotis: The Evolution of the Gross Domestic Product of all Sectors of Greek Economy since 1963 – Ainhoa Herrarte/Felipe Sáez: An Evaluation of Active Labour Market Policies: the Case of Spain – Detelin S. Elenkov: Female Visionary-Transformational Leadership and Innovation: The Moderating Role of Multiple Intelligences and Ethical Leadership – Guergana Stanoeva: What Do Optimum Currency Area Criteria Tell Us about the Readiness of Central and East European Countries to Join the Eurozone? – Horst Schellhaass: Superstars as Winners of the Common Market – George Chobanov: The Dynamic Interaction of Two Markets – Jean-Pierre Gern: The Measurement of the Efficiency of Transaction Costs – Liana Badea/Nicolae Nedelco: E-Business - Perspectives and Challenges in Global Competition.