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Educational Challenges Regarding Military Action


Hubert Annen and Wolfgang Royl

The essays presented in this issue provide an international overview of military-pedagogical thinking and acting. They reflect the sometimes close correspondence between the answers provided by military scholars to questions related to the content and function of military ethics and morale. These answers are so comprehensive as to suggest themselves as a starting point for further deliberations on military pedagogy but also in the fields of other applied pedagogic specialties. The authors who have contributed to this book make it clear, as a group, how the national defence of peace and freedom may be transformed into a pertinent international responsibility and competence for the safeguarding of world peace.
Contents: Philip J. Rossi, SJ: Historical and Cultural Contexts for «Just War» Doctrine – Asa Kasher: The Gaza Campaign («Operation cast lead») and the Just War theory – Juha Mäkinen: Creating a Unified Framework for Future-Oriented Education of Military Ethics – Wolfgang Royl: The Universal Code of Ethics and its Mind-Leading Function in Military Conflicts? – Hermann Jung: Situational Ethics and Cultural Awareness for Task Forces during Intervention-Stabilization-Transformation Operations (IST) – Hubert Annen: Current challenges of Swiss military pedagogy – Bo Talerud: Ethics, Ethos and National Culture – Harold Simpson: Designing a Defence Studies Curriculum – Tamir Libel: Late Bloomers - Professionalising Israel Defence Forces – Juha Mäkinen: The learning and knowledge creating school - Case of the Finnish National Defence College – Wolfgang Royl: On the Mutual Compatibility of Obedience and Conscience – Gavril Malos/Toma Plesanu/Sorina Mardar: Ethical Code in Romanian Defence Acquisition Domain – Radomir Saliger/Antonin Müller: Structural Changes at Czech Education System in New Security Environment – Victoria Syme-Taylor: Innovative Teaching Methods in Military Pedagogy – David Hall: Clio and Mars on Tour. Applied History – Battlefield Tours and Staff Rides in contemporary professional military education – Can Nakkas/Hubert Annen: Portfolio Assessment – Achieving Sustainability in Officers’ Education – Antti-Tuomas Pulkka: Strategies and Challenges in Officer’s Training and Education – Luiza Kraft: Eurocompetences for E.U. standards in the military education system - The case of foreign language teaching in «Carol Ist» National Defense University, Bucharest, Romania.