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A Synthesis of Polish Law

Part 1 / Part 2

Tadeusz Guz, Jan Gluchowski and Maria R. Palubska

«A Synthesis of Polish Law» is the first systematic view of the Polish law as a whole. This collection includes papers dealing with the history, philosophy and theory of law; material law; and procedural law. Some concern universal issues and they have been included here either because of their effect on Polish regulations (Roman law) or due to the relations resulting from external contractual obligations (International law). This book contains an introduction in English, French, and German, as well as French and German abstracts.
Contents: Part 1: Stanisław Wielgus: The Law in Medieval Western Europe and in Medieval Poland – Antoni Dębiński: Roman Law and the Legal Culture in Poland – Tadeusz Guz: The Philosophical-legal Context of Polish Law – Marek Piechowiak: The Axiological Basis of Polish Law – Lech Antonowicz: The Legal-international Status of Contemporary Poland – Waldemar Bednaruk: The History of Polish Constitutional Law – Dariusz Dudek: The Constitutional Law of the Republic of Poland – Wojciech Łączkowski: The Polish Constitutional Tribunal in the Period of the Political Transformation – Stanisław Wrzosek: Administrative Law – Wojciech Łączkowski: Polish Election Law - the Present State and a Proposition for Changes – Sławomir Fundowicz: Administrative Proceedings, Judicial-administrative Proceedings and Executive Proceedings in Administration – Marzena Dyjakowska: Civil Law - General Part – Marzena Dyjakowska: Property Rights – Juliusz Petraniuk: An Outline of the Characteristics of Contract Law Viewed against the Background of the Polish System of Civil Law – Grzegorz Trojanowski: Polish Civil Proceedings – Andrzej Dzięga/Zdzisław Jancewicz/Piotr Telusiewicz/Marta Greszata: Matrimonial and Family Law – Maria R. Pałubska: International Private Law in Poland – Part 2: Alicja Grześkowiak: Polish Penal Law – Małgorzata Kuć: Polish Executive Penal Law - Selected Institutions – Grzegorz Gozdór: A Contemporary Picture of Polish Criminal Procedure against the Background of European Standards – Jan Głuchowski: Financial Law – Cezary Kosikowski: Public Business Law – Cezary Kosikowski: Private Business Law – Andrzej Herbet: Company Law – Grzegorz Goździewicz: Collective Labour Agreements in Poland - the Problems of the Parties in the Agreement – Józef Krukowski: Polish Law on the State-Church Relations – Mirosław Sitarz: Polish Canon Law.