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Innovation, Change and Sustainability in Syrian Higher Education

Joint European Tempus Project «Quality University Management and Institutional Autonomy» (QUMIA)


Jürgen van Buer, Cornelia Wagner and Maika Gausch

Syria represents a society in transition, where a fundamental change is taking place. This change concerns economic, industrial and societal transformation and last but not least those of Syria’s educational system, particularly regarding its higher education. This book keeps records of the Tempus project «Quality University Management and Institutional Autonomy» and its outcomes in terms of a best practice model through an externally proven evaluation. The theoretical contributions contain a multitude of references to relevant literature, such as questions of accreditation, functions and design of universities’ mission statement as well as the implementation of quality management and evaluation in higher education institutions. Furthermore, the book refers to fundamental cognitions and experiences in adaption of international standards towards a dynamically changing higher education landscape in Syria.
Contents: Introduction and Prefaces by Jürgen van Buer, Cornelia Wagner, Maika Gausch; Najib A. Wahed; Wael Mualla; and Rami Ayoubi – Jürgen van Buer: Tempus Project «Quality University Management and Institutional Autonomy» - Ambitions and Guiding Principles – Thomas Teuscher/Thomas Rieke: «Quality University Management and Institutional Autonomy» - Objectives, Approaches and Outcomes - A Project Description – Nora-Elise Beck/Cornelia Wagner: «The Syrian Education System - Structures, Challenges and Perspectives» – John H. Schuh: Trends Leading to Increasing Accountability for Institutions of Higher Education and their Consequences – Dina Kuhlee: Educational Borrowing: Higher Education between Politically Motivated Change and Cultural Stability. Aspects of Quality Assurance in the Bologna Process – Helmut Konrad/Elisabeth Fiorioli: Requirements of Quality Assurance – Maika Gausch: The Meaning of Accreditation in Higher Education – Mohamad Kayyal: University Quality Development and Assurance – Cornelia Wagner: Mission Statements as Instruments for University Development – Mohamad Kayyal: Conceptualization of a Mission Statement for Damascus University – Rafah Al Munkkel/Maher Ellawy/Raghad Shwiekh/Cornelia Wagner: Methodological Considerations about the Performance of Evaluation Projects in Syrian Higher Education – Thomas Rieke: Funding of the European Union - Ways to acquire Grants in Syria – Ulrich Teichler: Programme Construction and the Bologna Process – Hermann Heiler: Characteristics of a European Regulatory Framework According to Bologna Process – Nora-Elise Beck: Integrating International Quality Standards into Higher Education in Syria - An Analysis of Basic Conditions – Kęstutis Pukelis/Rimantas Laužackas: Developing Study Programmes Based on Study Outcomes – Roland Bauer: Development of a Bsc - Curriculum at Weihenstephan University of Applied Sciences – Thomas Teuscher/Ghassan El-Khayat/Samouil Moussa/Shehadeh Kaskous/Ghiat Sumainah: Quality Development and Assurance at the Faculty of Agriculture of Damascus University - Mission Statement, Self-Evaluation, Outcome-Based Study Programmes – Sebastian Peisl/Cornelia Wagner: Introduction of Problem-Based Learning - The Case of Damascus University, Bachelor of Agriculture – Jürgen van Buer: Innovation, Sustainability and Dissemination - Perspectives on Necessities – Abdul Ghani Maa Bared: Private Universities in Syria.