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Franz Xaver Kroetz: The Emergence of a Political Playwright


Volkmar Sander

A marital argument. An unwanted pregnancy. A lost job. An illicit love affair. Such are the pivotal issues of Kroetz's plays. They are plays describing everyday people with many dreams, few words to express them, and little hope of achieving them. People caught helplessly in the tidepools and eddies of mainstream consumer society. Kroetz captures them with a language and characterization so convincing, so compelling, that within the space of a few seasons he has become one of West Germany's most popular and acclaimed playwrights. This work examines the author and his writings, allowing both to speak for themselves while simultaneously following the interconnecting threads of philosophy, theme, and style which make up the fabric of Kroetz's proletarian dramaturgy.
Contents: Biography of Kroetz from infancy to adulthoos - Comparison and discussion of all published and several unpublished works - Ana- lysis of non-literary writings and interviews - Two little-known Kroetz poems, several previously unpublished interviews, and an extensive bibliography are appended.