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Midrashic Interpretations of the Song of Moses


Herbert W. Basser

This work provides a translation of, and a commentary to the text of Sifre Ha'azinu. Finkelstein's edition (1939, reprinted JTS 1969) and selected readings of the London manuscript of this midrash appear in translation with full notes covering textual observations, philological inquiries and exegetical problems. The following ideas are discussed within the course of the work: midrashic forms, the use of Scripture in midrash, the dating of the traditions and of the recording of this midrash, the use of apologetic and polemic in midrash. An Introduction and Con- clusion have been provided which discuss the items in this midrash which are relevant to the academic study of Judaism. The literary aspects of this midrash on Deut. 32 are used to exemplify midrashim on poetic Scriptures.
Contents: Introduction discussing literary, theological, historical aspects of midrash - Translation and analysis of the midrash to Deut. 32. Sifre Deuteronomy - Conclusion summing up the findings in the work.