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Jack the Fatalist and his Master

A New Translation from the French of Denis Diderot- Translated by W.D. Camp


Wesley D. Camp and Agnes G. Raymond

A valet and his master are journeying on horseback, whiling away the weary hours with many a strange anecdote, droll story and tale of love and vengeance that never fails to astonish or surprise. The author employs his talents of eighteenth century French philosopher, dramatist, critic and storyteller to weave into this tapestry of fictions his reflections on Jack's fatalism - everything that happens here below was written Up-there on the great scroll of Destiny; on the human need for love and friendship, dominance and pets - dogs in particular; and on the relation of art to reality - all weighty subjects treated in a comic vein with profound human understanding.
Contents: Wesley Camp's new and lively translation of Jack the Fatalist is intended for the general reader and the student, but its racy dialogue cries out for adaptation to the theater or the screen.
Agnes Raymond's brief preface whets the reader's appetite while reserving for the postface a more detailed analysis of the novel and Diderot's debt to Laurence Sterne.
Eighteenth century French social satire - French literature - Denis Diderot - Novel - Comedy.