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Summer Tales

Translated by Gerda Jordan and James Hardin

This is the first English translation of a work by Johann Beer. Beer (1655-1700) is well known as the «successor» of Grimmelshausen in the genre of the picaresque novel. Beer's Die kurtzweiligen Sommertäge is rightly considered one of the most important (and readable!) novels of the seventeenth century. The novel documents in a humorous way the adventuresome life of the Austrian nobility in the 17th century and provides a rare glimpse into the everday life and spirit of this little-known period.
With introduction and notes to the text.
Contents: The riotous life and pranks of nobility and servants alike in the isolated rural area of upper Austria. A retrospective picture of life during the disastrous Thirty Years War. Insights into superstition and religious beliefs of the time.