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The Boycott of the Milner Mission

A Study in Egyptian Nationalism


John D., Jr. McIntyre

This book examines the Egyptian nationalist movement following the First World War and focuses its attention on the passive stage of the revolution of 1919 associated with the boycott of Lord Milner's commission of inquiry. By analyzing the respective roles of the Central Committee of the Wafd, Muslim and Coptic religious leaders and institutions, Egyptian women, and Egyptian students in the boycott movement, McIntyre shows that the Milner Mission, which was sent to Egypt in order to seek a method of preserving the British protectorate, actually stimulated the further development of Egyptian nationalist sentiment and strengthened the concensus in Egypt demanding complete independence.
Contents: Study of the Egyptian nationalist movement in l9l9 and 1920 – Emphasizing roles of Central Committee of Wafd – Muslim and Coptic religious leaders and institutions – Egyptian women and Egyptian students.