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Literary Theory and Criticism

A collection of essays in honor of René Wellek on the occasion of his 80th birthday

The first edition, highly thought of, was out of print a few months after its release. The second edition, with improved binding, is on offer at the same price as the first.
René Wellek, Emeritus Professor of Yale University, recipient of numerous honorary doctorates (Oxford, Harvard, Rome, Columbus and Munich) is one of the most eminent scholars of our time, regarded by many as the greatest living expert on literary theory and criticism, as well as a most generous teacher. His book, Theory of Litera- ture, written in collaboration with Austin Warren, has been trans- lated into twenty-two languages. His innumerable publications culminate in the standart work History of Modern Literary Criticism, of which the first four volumes have already appeared.
77 well known international scholars, in fact his friends, colleagues and former students have contributed the articles to this Festschrift.