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Luther Translator of Paul

Studies in Romans and Galatians

Heinz Bluhm

This book deals with selected passages from Luther's two favorite Pauline Epistles. Luther's renderings, from the Septembertestament of 1522 to the final revisions of 1546, are set in a framework extending from the pre-Lutheran Latin translations via the pre-Lutheran High and Low German Bibles as well as Emser's «Emendation» of the Luther New Testament to Luther's significant influence on the English Bible from Tyndale and Coverdale via the Authorized Version to the New English Bible.
Contents: The Zainer revision of the Mentel Bible - The Augsburg Spiegel of 1489 - The First English translation: Wicliffe - The Printed High German Plenaria and Luther's Christmas Postil - The Wittenberg 1529 revision of the Vulgate.