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The Silence of Entropy or Universal Discourse

The Postmodernist Poetics of Heiner Müller


Volkmar Sander

This study delineates the fundamental principles of Heiner Müller's revolutionary poetic project and, in detailed analyses of three recent plays, shows how these strategies are realized in specific discursive structures of his texts. Heiner Müller, arguably the most important German playwright since Brecht, is seen to undermine both bourgeois and orthodox socialist models of drama, history, and revolution, and to create a new dramatic discourse of anonymous voices hitherto excluded from aesthetic production.
Contents: The Poetics of a Revolutionary Postmodernism - The Critique of the Enlightenment: Leben Gundlings - The Entropy of Bourgeois Drama: Die Hamletmaschine - The Emergence of an Alternative Discourse: Der Auftrag.