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Nuclear war is the most urgent moral, political and social issue of our age. The survival of the entire biosphere is at stake. The momentum of the nuclear arms race is sustained by serious forms of conceptual confusion and distorted thinking which philosophers are well-equipped to expose. This collection undertakes the task of analyzing and breaking down some of the barriers to clear thinking and ultimately to peace – the only truly secure route to our survival as a species.
Written in straightforward, accessible language, the collection comprises sections on Nuclear Delusions, the individual and the State, the Environment, Conceptual and Psychological Dilemmas, and the Pursuit of Peace. The contributors, many of whom are among North America's foremost philosophers, include Richard Wasserstrom, Kai Nielsen, Jan Narveson, Alison Jaggar, John Somerville, Michael Bayles, and others, both Canadian and American. The articles, most of which appear for the first time, are accompanied by brief commentaries designed to stimulate further reflection and discussion. The volume also contains an editor's introduction and a bibliography.
In addressing a broad spectrum of concerns, Nuclear War: Philosophical Perspectives answers to the need for a timely, articulated and thoroughgoing treatment of fundamental philosophical issues underlying the arms race.
Contents: A philosophical treatment of conceptual, moral and psychological issues arising from the nuclear arms race. Main headings: Nuclear Delusions, The Individual and the State, The Environment, Conceptual and Psychological Dilemmas, The Pursuit of Peace.